Calum Hedigan: “being a lawyer is now my backup plan”.

Replicante Legal moves a step forward to reaching a broader audience and presents our first podcast recorded in English. Our guest is Calum Hedigan, founder and CEO of legaltech startup Legolex, a Scottish guy that came to Spain several years ago to study a dual LLB in Spanish law and English law and felt in love with this beautiful country.

Lawyers tend to be risk averse. It is not common to see people assuming risks in the legal sector. Calum started his career working for reputable and well-known law firms but decided to change track and follow his entrepreneurial passion to build an all-in-one legaltech platform that makes life easier for lawyers.

In the link below you can listen to Calum´s views on barriers to innovation, the difficulties of launching a startup in Spain, the benefits of psychology and philosophy, the importance of asking for help or advise and some interesting tips for young lawyers considering to found his/her own company (e.g. don’t spend much time with strategy but rather execute the idea quickly and the market will validate it … or not).

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